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Walter Drake designs and manufactures high-performance custom thermoformed clamshell, tray and blister packaging for electronic packaging. When it comes to packaging for expensive, ultra-clean or ESD sensitive electronic components, performance is critical and there is no room for failure.

Typical packaging requirements of aesthetics and product holding features are not enough when it comes to thermoformed packaging for the expensive and static sensitive electronics packaging markets. Electronic packaging demands specific attention in three critical areas: package design — raw material selection — particulate contamination. Walter Drake has invested heavily in the training, special purpose capital equipment and quality assurance procedures that are necessary to deliver these demanding requirements.

Electronics Packaging - Design

Requirement #1: Electronics packaging will likely need a design that minimize your product's physical contact with the package, yet still accomplishing important fit & function requirements.
Solution: Walter Drake has a 45-year history of creative and successful package design

Electronics Packaging – Static Dissipative

Requirement #2: Electronics packaging will likely need to meet specific conductive or static dissipative (ESD) performance characteristics.
Solution: Walter Drake has developed a proprietary, in-house raw material capability that allows us to deliver EIA-541 compliant static dissipative (ESD) packaging at unusually attractive prices. For other requirements, we are fluent with the specialty material suppliers and the performance options that are available to you.

Electronics Packaging – Ultra-Clean Clean Room

Requirement #3: Electronics packaging will likely need to be ultra-clean to prevent particulate contamination of your product.
Solution: Walter Drake offers Class 1000 (ISO Class 6) clean room manufacturing that applies to our production area and pack-out area alike. Our Class 1000 clean room stands in contrast to our Industry’s norm of providing clean room services, if available at all, that are rated at only Class 100,000 and are controlled in the pack-out area only. This is TWO “orders of magnitude” less clean and ignores the environment where the packaging is actually made.

Not all decisions are difficult — a call to Walter Drake Inc. is easy. Call or contact to ask about custom thermoformed electronics packaging — You’ll be glad you did.