Custom Handling Trays

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Work-In-Process plastic handling trays offer cost-effective totes to safely transport your products during your manufacturing process and as shipping trays during transport to your OEM customer. Walter Drake has a 45-year history of creating custom designed, highly functional plastic handling trays to meet a wide range of fit & function requirements and price points.

Custom Handling Trays - Design

From protection and cleanliness — to batch count control — to shipping, we deliver cost-effective handling trays and shipping trays that benefit your bottom line:

Custom Handling Trays – Class 1000 Clean Room

Should your handling tray and shipping tray applications be unusually demanding, such as for medical or electronics packaging, Walter Drake has a particular expertise in serving these important markets. Specifically,

Call With Your Custom Handling Tray Requirements

Walter Drake is here to provide the custom package design, the close tolerance, high-speed manufacturing facility and the ISO 9001-2000 compliant quality program that will deliver your plastic handling trays or shipping trays on time, within spec and at the lowest prices.

Not all decisions are difficult — a call to Walter Drake Inc. is easy. Call or contact to ask about custom plastic handling trays — You’ll be glad you did.