Plastic Clamshell Packaging

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Walter Drake is well known for its design and manufacture of visually interesting and functional plastic clamshell packaging. Plastic clamshell packaging is an excellent and widely used solution for applications that range from general merchandise packaging to high-performance medical packaging and electronics packaging.

Walter Drake's custom package design, raw material selection and an ISO 9001-2000 compliant quality assurance program deliver the right thermoformed plastic clamshell — with the right performance — at the right price.

To solve a wide range of visual and technical requirements, consider:

Custom Plastic Clamshell Packaging - Design

Plastic Clamshell Packaging – Ultra Clean or Static Dissipative

When it comes to critical medical, pharmaceutical and electronic packaging applications that demand more from plastic clamshells than appearance, Walter Drake is a leader in providing two vital capabilities — Class 1000 (ISO Class 6) clean room production and conductive and static dissipative (ESD) packaging.

At the end of the day, it is Walter Drake’s skilled staff, technologically advanced production facility and robust quality assurance program that will deliver your plastic clamshell container on time, within spec and at the lowest prices.

Not all decisions are difficult — a call to Walter Drake Inc. is easy. Call or contact us to ask about plastic clamshell packaging — You’ll be glad you did.

Plastic Clamshell Types

We manufacture many types of clamshell packaging including:

What is a Plastic Clamshell?

A plastic clamshell is a one-piece package comprised of two halves joined together by a hinge area allowing the structure to join and close. Plastic clamshells are sometimes called blister packs although there are differences as we note below. Plastic clamshells are named after the shell of a clam because it is very similar in form and function.

A blister pack is a pre-formed plastic package often used for small consumer goods and pharmaceutical products.

The main feature of a blister pack is its custom cavity and perimeter flange molded from a formable web of plastic. A blister pack will have a paperboard, plastic or specialty foil lid stock sealed to its flanges. A blister pack that folds onto itself is sometimes referred to as a clamshell package.

Considerations for specifying clamshell packaging.

A – What size?

What is the size, shape and delicate nature of the part that you want to package? This is necessary for Walter Drake to understand how the package will hold your content. Will your clamshell package house a single item or multiple items? What are the measurements of your product and how many will be packed in the clamshell? Whatever options you have you will need to determine:

B – What material?

C – Thickness of Your Material

D – Merchandising

E – Packaging Specifics

F – Pricing

Many factors will influence pricing of your clamshell packaging including:

Walter Drake will assist you in specifying the proper and most economical clamshell packaging for your particular application. Call or contact us today for personalized assistance. You can also learn more about clamshells and thermoformed packaging by downloading our “Purchasers Guide to Thermoformed Packaging”