Static Dissipative Packaging

Among our important capabilities, Walter Drake has a particular focus on the manufacture of conductive and static dissipative containers — clamshell and tray packaging for ESD electronics packaging applications.

We create the package design and manufacture immaculate and fully traceable conductive and static dissipative containers, called thermoformed plastic packaging, that are in compliance with EIA-541 standards.

Static Dissipative Containers – ESD Design

Proper package design and proper raw material selection are vital to the ESD performance of any conductive or static dissipative container package.

Static Dissipative Containers – Class 1000 Clean Room

For the most critically demanding ESD applications, we offer conductive and static dissipative containers — thermoformed clamshells and trays — that are further improved by manufacture in our low contaminant, Class 1000 (ISO Class 6) clean room.

Static Dissipative Containers – ESD Quality Assurance

With our robust ISO 9001-2000 compliant quality assurance program, you are assured of documented quality that meets your expectations and the full traceability of your static dissipative container packaging program.

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