Thermoformed Trays

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Walter Drake creates and manufactures highly functional thermoformed trays to meet a wide range of requirements and price points. Thermoformed plastic trays are a widely used solution for applications that range from work-in-process handling trays and shipping trays — to general merchandise packaging — to high-performance medical and electronic packaging.

Our custom package design, raw material selection and ISO 9001-2000 compliant quality program will deliver you the right thermoformed plastic tray — with the right performance characteristics — at the right price. If you are looking for a thermoformed tray manufacturer, Walter Drake is your fist choice.

Thermoformed Tray - Design

Our custom designs meet customer requirements that regularly range from:

Thermoformed Trays – Ultra Clean or Static Dissipative

When it comes to critical medical, pharmaceutical and electronic packaging applications that demand more from thermoformed trays than appearance and the holding function, Walter Drake is a leader in providing two vital capabilities — Class 1000 (ISO Class 6) clean room production and conductive and static dissipative (ESD) packaging.

At the end of the day, it is Walter Drake’s skilled staff, technologically advanced production facility and robust quality program that will deliver your thermoformed plastic trays on time, within spec and at the lowest prices.

Not all decisions are difficult — a call to Walter Drake Inc. is easy. Call or contact to ask about thermoformed trays — You’ll be glad you did.

Types of Thermoformed Trays

We manufacture a variety of custom thermoformed trays for many industries including:

Thermoformed Tray Applications

Walter Drake is a custom thermoformed tray manufacturer and we make a wide variety of trays for many applications. Thermoformed trays are ideal for use as shipping trays and we also make trays for use as:

Material and Thickness
Material thickness of our thermoformed trays may range from a low of .007” (inch) to a thicker .060” (inch).  The most commonly used materials for thermoformed trays are PVC, RPET, PETG and HIPS.  For particularly technical applications, special materials and complex laminates are used to provide ESD properties, moisture and oxygen barrier properties, etc.

What is a Thermoformed Tray?
Thermoformed trays can range from something as elementary as a flat, one compartment tray for general merchandise holding to a complex cavity design thermoformed to precise shapes and contours to hold and protect fragile and expensive individual items.  Thermoformed packaging trays commonly contain and protect items during in-plant material handling phases, as well as, final shipment.  Trays may be used in retail package in combination with set-up boxes and folding cartons or in commercial applications within corrugated shippers.

Trays can be designed to custom fit a product using friction fits, undercuts, indentations and snaps.  Trays can also be designed to stack on top of each other and to use de-nesting features for easier extraction from boxes.  Other custom features can include logo embossing for brand equity building, part number and identification key embossing for process control, finger holes and slots for eased access and handling.

Plastic trays are used in all manner of consumer and industrial applications.  Products and components may be housed in plastic packaging trays during in-process assembly-line processes, for shipment of intermediate components to other OEM manufacturers or for final packaging   Applications range from medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and general merchandise packaging and more.